Essay: The Adam’s motivation theory

19 Oct

Essay: The Adam’s motivation theory

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Another motivation theory that was put into practice is the Adam`s motivation theory particularly in enhancing that workers enjoyed good relationships environment amongst them and the management class. The concept of this theory interprets constructive association between the employee`s effort in consideration with the job that he/she does and the pay received, with those contributing much being entitled to more outputs.

It is upon the understanding that cohesive existence of the working force was subject to contributing to better performance that the modalities of this theory were applied. This theory acknowledges that several factors need to be combined to enhance the relationship of the workers and the employer influencing them to become true friends and colleagues (Greenberg, 1990 p.568). To achieve this, the available privileges are distributed equitably that impacts a sense to employees that they too should give out an equal output to the employer. Several benefits emerge from this in that: workers feel appreciated in job and would thus fully dedicate themselves by avoiding absenteeism and work long hours when the situation is calling for.

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