Essay: Achieving effective learning

14 Oct

Essay: Achieving effective learning

Sample Essay

Effective learning can only be achieved when a student scrutinizes what he or she knows, what needs to be known and finally to figure out how to bridge the gap between the two. To bridge this gap, a student needs to influence their own studies and learning instead of waiting for others to play that part as students who merely rely on teachers and supervisors with no extra effort are known to have a deficiency when it comes to learning and studies. Putting extra effort in studies to bridge the gap often results in self-confidence and also gives one a better stand when it comes to their portfolio (Cleak, 2007).

            I believe from my placement period, I will learn a lot and improve a lot on my counseling skills. Considering the fact that it is within reach, traveling costs will be reduced and thus reduce expenses in general. During this period, I expect to create an impact on the people I will be working with and also my clients during my sessions.

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