Essay: Abortion rights

16 Jan

Essay: Abortion rights

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In my opinion Warren suggested the argument which should be acceptable because first of all it is an individual consensus, social and moral rights and no law can prohibited any women in this world to keep their fetus or abort it. Now I would like to give my opinion according to the child birth law of specific country. There are many countries in the Asia region in which China is on top where you cannot birth more than one child per family.

In this situation what will you suggest when the contraceptive measures has been failed and you don’t have any option except abort the child which you don’t want to abort. Because the abortion is come under the involuntarily principal in which you are left with no choice. In this situation the arguments of Noonan and Thompson is of no use in which they stated that to kill fetus is the crime which is as equal as the murder of any human being. Several philosophers also argued that the fetus which doesn’t have any consciousness is not come under the human being which supports the argument of Warren.

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