Essay: Be Who You Are

15 Oct

Essay: Be Who You Are

Sample Essay

All the three authors are telling us to be what we are and not try to emulate others. In the poem theme for English B, it was when there was rampant racism in America but the narrator is trying to live his own life though he is the only colored student in his class.

When their instructor tells them to go and write a page which should come from their self feelings, he shows that one should uphold his or her dignity no matter the situation he or she finds himself in. Updike tells the audience through Sammy how people are treated according to the way they look, but Sammy has other ideas for he sees nothing wrong with the way the girls are dressed. Sammy acknowledges the fact that Lenges has been a good friend of his (Sammy’s) parents but he is not ready to lie down and let three beautiful girls get embarrassed by Lenges.

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