Essay: Weaknesses and Opportunities at Coca Cola

Sample Essay The main weaknesses of the company pertain to the negative publicity that the company has received due to law suits in the different parts of the world specific to the raw, materials that are used for manufacturing the Coca Cola products by the regional bottlers. Moreover the health conscious lifestyle of the consumers is also affecting the performance and growth of the company. The sluggish performance of the company in the north American market in the recent hyears is also one of the weaknesses of the company. The decline in the cash form operating activities for the company is also one of the main weaknesses which has been seen in the recent years. The opportunities that are available to the company pertain to the acquisitions that the company has undergone by acquiring Kerry Group bottling plants, 100 percent interest in TJC holding and significant investment in the emerging markets ofSouth East Asiaand Asia Pacific. The growing bottled water segment is also one of the opportunities available to the company. Coca Cola has a bottled water brand of Aquafina which can be used to target the increasing bottled water industry in the global beverage market.
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