Essay: Tesco’s Segmentation Strategy and Product Development

3 Apr

Essay: Tesco’s Segmentation Strategy and Product Development

Sample Essay

Sausages are mostly taken by kids and middle-aged adults in breakfast and lunch meals. This defines the market segment for Tesco where the segmentation is done on the basis of consumers’ demographics and lifestyle. According to Kotler, Keller (13th Edition) the segmentation strategy is essential to use because the market has to be defined on few major characteristics. It includes people from all age groups, especially kids and middle-aged adults.

There are varieties of sausages offered by Tesco including Continental, Mettassons, Revilla, and Tesco sausages (mySupermarket 2011). There are different ingredients used for different types of sausages. The major ingredients for sausages include Supaphos, Supapres, Dextrose, Sea salt, Coarse-Grained Sea salt, Fine-Grained Sea salt, Herb Salt, Garlic Salt, Onion Powder, Kibbled Onions, Rusk, Hickory Smoke Powder, Mice, Meat and Spices (Francos Famous 2011).

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