Essay: Technology Management

Sample Essay

Today’s fast moving and ever advancing technology need to be utilized in educational activities and processes to enhance efficiency in the learner achievement. To point out, learner instructions should be organized, administered and managed by technology since it enhances of learning instruction effectiveness and updating the learner on the technological world. Therefore, school administrator should recognize the importance of the keeping up with technological global world in relation to classroom instruction, staff development, managerial processes, teacher’s instruction preparation and their development (Ferguson, 1999; Anderson, 1996). Unfortunately, such technological plans can not function well without staff, parents, teachers, students and other stakeholder’s preparation, therefore, the administrator should prepare the education community for such technological introduction by encouraging policies that are involving and participatory oriented.

Many educational scholars do support the incorporation of technology (National Institute for Urban School Improvement, 2000) in the education management. For instance, Greer, (2008) states that many schools are emphasizing on use of technology in learning instruction processes and school management practices. The diverse uses of technology give it amazing advantage for an institution need to have it. Parents paying fee to the student from workplace or home online, results and performance for parents and student, teacher preparing learning instruction, management processes like accounting, staff wedges, budgeting enhanced through computer based programs are great conveniences to educational institution which it should keep with.

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