Essay: Social welfare of the lower class people

Sample Essay The fact is worth acknowledging that with this move of the concerned authorities there will be quantum amount of unrest among the masses that use the food stamps for the purchases of soda and sugary drinks. But irrespective of this consequence the city’s social services commissioner are determined to take this subsidiary off. Because the main purpose of the food stamps was to ensure the supply of food and nutrition to the families that are either suffering from recession or are facing hardship in fulfilling the individual food requirements. So if the food stamps are worsening the health and nutrition index of these people then the clause surely needs modification. This step has been taken in response to the social welfare of the lower class people. But this step cannot be effectively implemented with the government’s intervention and the corporation of the economic sector. Hence all the active components of the state have to collaborate effectively in order to fulfill the task. The modification of the food stamp consumption and usage pattern are targeted for the benefit of the public sector. The city’s social services commissioner has devised this policy on the basis of utilitarianism. The concerned authorities are beginning the awareness programs for the public so that they can act wisely while shopping the household stuff on food stamps. The bottom line of the entire campaign in to cultivate a healthy lifestyle among the lower class people and give them a positive idea of a healthy lifestyle along with the hazardous effects of soda drinks.
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