Essay: Separate classrooms for the two genders

23 May

Essay: Separate classrooms for the two genders

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Secondly he allows for some form of aggression to be allowed so that aggressive children can let out their energy. However, this could be potentially hazardous for children as they might end up harming themselves or others. Therefore in my opinion this suggestion should be viewed with extreme caution.

Last but not the least; Gurian says that there should be separate classrooms for the two genders. This is a controversial point and I feel the decision should depend upon the objectives and the discernment of parents. If parents choose only academic education then separate gender classrooms are the answer to the gender-difference issue. However, if a well-rounded socially interactive personality of the child needs to be developed then the child should be placed in a close to natural environment where he or she is not isolated from the opposite gender. Even though boys might want to be together and girls might instinctively group together, it will be an unnatural environment and cannot be likened to wholesome learning.

When teachers enter the profession of teaching young children, they should also learn how the brain develops as well as the functions of the brain. This will help them appreciate and understand how the chemical composition of hormones differs in boys and girls and how their respective brains and thought process differ naturally. In doing so teachers will be better able to understand where the children are coming from and will enable them to address the root cause of the problems rather than merely the symptoms.

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