Essay: Results of Globalization

Sample Essay

Results of globalization have significantly not only lead to increased trade, financial flows and international economic liberalization, but also have magnified illicit cross-border flows of narcotics, smuggled migrants and even infectious diseases to various countries. In relation to insecurity issues that are surrounding the world today at cross national borders which are a major threat to human security, globalization has a hand in their rapid occurrence (McDonald 2003).  This is because globalization has significantly amplified their spread and impact. Furthermore, criminal organizations abuse the processes of globalization to operate at a truly Transnational crimes level.  Thus, it points out that globalization has security dimension. The security dimension comes from the angle of facilitating and enhancing ideologies that leads to Transnational crimes.

In this respect, globalization is referred to as the processes of rapid scientific developments in communication, transport and information, economic liberalization and transformation and the emergence of a global civil society.  Therefore through creating the global society, it implies that this complex process is driven by economic and political influences  (John 2001) which changes everyday life of individuals especially in developed nations that leads to creating new Transnational crimes systems and forces. It is within these Transnational crimes systems and forces that Transnational crimes emanates from, in other words it points out that Transnational crimes are the dark side of globalization (McDonald 2003).

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