Essay: Religious Conflict and Neoconservatism

Sample Essay

Juergensmeyer argues that the explosion of the late twentieth religious conflict be considered as a reply to the anti-religious feelings which have been a characters of the western societies since illumination. The religious all along have been trying to put across their point that they can challenge the secular society which has not been providing answers needed in the society (Foucault, 1980).

They have also noticed that they can provide a good moral fiber that links the united national communities, give ideological energy to uphold states buffeted by decent economic and armed failure. Sometimes they can confront countries that lead unfairly and mostly the confrontation is a non violence one.  The religious motivation is sometimes too much that they maybe willing to kill and also to be killed for ethical reasons. Religion on the other side may not be able to provide reasons as to why its followers collect explosives of independence, struggle and sadistic insurgency (Rumsfeld 2001).

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