Essay: Religion Supremacy

Sample Essay

Religion supremacy is another contested battle aimed at establishing independence in worship attracting a massive following by individual and other nations (McCannon 2010 p. 78). The claim for uniformity in religion over a certain territory has encouraged nationalism and increased the desire of many nations to have something they can call their own (84). This has further discouraged globalization since the world remains fragmented over very many issues such as religion, economy, and politics.

Control on natural resources such as oil, and water has fueled the negative aspects of nationalism further. Courtiers have come up with protective policies that aim at aggressively control various resources they feel are theirs. This has resulted in never ending wars across the globe with weaker nations crying foul against strong economies (McCannon 2010 p. 115). Globalization becomes unrealistic basing on prevalence of such incidences across the world.

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