Essay: The Second Ranger Battalion

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This was established on 11th March, 1943 and was activated on 1st April, 1943 at Tennessee[1]. The leader of the Battalion was Major McDonald and this activation took place at a camp forest. The training and preparation of the new members was very intense and physical in nature and at the end of the training session, most of the members were eventually allowed to return to their units although most of them did not successfully complete the training due to its intensity.

This Battalion consisted of members that were drawn from numerous states but notably, most of them came from Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey[2]. Particularly, the members of this battalion were close to 500 in number and were basically volunteers from different US armies. In order to enhance effectiveness and organization during the attack, they were categorized in to six main groups that were named A-F and referred to as assault companies[3]. Later on in June, leadership was changed and Major James Rudder assumed full command of this unit.

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[3] Wilmot, 1952 affirms that this indicates the high level of organization that characterized the rangers

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