Essay: Primary Activities of Verizon Company

Sample Essay Inbound Logistics: The inbound logistics for the company are based on the physical delivery of raw material and sources as well as an established satellite and network link by which the company communicated with its suppliers. Outbound Logistics: The outbound logistics is entirely based on the internet and the VPN network through which the company disburses its products and services to the customers Marketing and Sales: The marketing and sales at the company are performed on a regional and global scale. The marketing function is separate from the sale function at the company. The marketing function is responsible for strategy development, media marketing & PR while sales handle distributed and personal selling (‘Company Profile’, Official Company Website). Service: The service provided by the company to its customers take the form of installation of the products at the customer’s preferred location, set up of a network as well as after-sales maintenance service (‘Company Profile’, Official Company Website).
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