Essay: Preference of foreign investors

Sample Essay

Foreign investors always prefer a business environment in which the political future is predicted. England, on the other hand, has enjoyed political stability in its leadership for a very long time. The current leadership, led by Queen Elizabeth and Brown as the Prime Minister, provides a more stable political leader in the country. Unlike Nigeria, British business activities, especially in the hotel industry has continued to thrive on the positive perception of the country’s leadership style and political instability.

The constant stable political stability has led to increased transparency in the manner in which government regulate the hotel industry. There is however a lot of bureaucracy in  Nigeria with regard to the various policies, regulations and other requirements which business people have to fulfill in order to invest in the hotel industry. Proper management of the industry in Nigeria has also been hindered by the unnecessary land ownership policies that have been a product of the poor political leadership and the unwillingness by the political class in the country to address the challenges facing investors in the hotel industry.

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