Essay: Nigeria’s presidential system

Sample Essay

Nigeria has a presidential system of government while the United Kingdom nation is ruled by a Monarch with a prime Minister being the political leader and leader of government of the country (England). When the two countries are compared, it is very evident that England enjoys a more stable and reliable political environment that enhances thriving of businesses. In the recent past, Nigeria has faced a series of problem in its political leadership.

Currently, the country’s president (Yar Adua) is out of the country for health reasons and thus the country’s government is currently being led by its Vice President. The constant political instability of the country has for a very long time negatively contributed to the poor performance of the hotel industry (Hughes 2008). Demonstrations by the Islamic religion and the constant lack of transparency in its electoral system have also not helped the hotel industry in any way. Indeed the continued wrangles in government have also led to lack of trust by the foreign investors due to the uncertainty of the market.

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