Essay: Mark‘s teaching about the cross-New Testament

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The teaching of the cross has its background from chapter 14. From this chapter 14 it speaks about the Passover feast according to the Jews. By the fact that Jesus and his disciples were Jews, they had to adhere to this religious cultural festival.  This scenario presents the activities that were performed during this festive; the washing of the physical body parts that symbolized a spiritual cleansing for the Christian community.  At this juncture Jesus reMarkably states that they may not eat the Passover again may be until the kingdom of heaven; (Robert 2006) disciples seem to not quite understand the meaning and implication of the stated words. The same chapter 14 gives the betrayal by Judas, capture of Jesus prior crucification the next day.

Those were the background activities prior to the crucification process that we have the cross. From chapter 14, chapter 15 gives over view of the Jesus condemnation to be worthy of gift and present of death by the chosen nation (Richard 2007). This not only unbelievable, but also incredible to originate from the Jews community who had their eyes shut, their ears blocked and their hearts hardened to come to terms with reality of salvation. Before the chief priest without mistake people still had their wish to have Jesus crucified (Karl 2005). To this effect they even sought to release Barnabas who was a thief, but to have Jesus crucified. These added the weight of the cross that Jesus was a bout to use to be crucified on.

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