Essay: The major geographical issue faced by Bulistan

22 Apr

Essay: The major geographical issue faced by Bulistan

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After surviving through a period of hardships and riots Bulistan finally acquired independence. But yet the dwellers of the region are unable to enjoy a luxurious life, they are yet confronted by an average standard of living but peacefully acknowledged independent. The major geographical issue that the area faces is that it is a mountainous region that is divided into five major divisions of  Eastern (high mountains), Central (low hills, valleys and plains), Western , Northern and Southern plains.

The capital of Bulistan is Newtown that is situated in the central province. The region is level to many diseases and it is due to this reason that the dwellers are not facilitated with advanced health facilities and is equally low in term of vaccinations and other such facilities that are ever required by the nation. Besides this the region is surrounded by mountains so it is a ready victim of the frequent earthquakes. Hence the conditions of Bulistan are extremely intense and are at a high risk of many disasters. So it is for this reason that the For You International (FYI) which is a well recognized emergency aid organization is also functional in the capital of Bulistan: Newtown.[i]

[i] Overview case study / WHO course on Communicable Diseases in Emergencies p.1

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