Essay: Increase In Population Is An Evil Act

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Malthus saw the increase in population as an evil act since according to him, there would reach a time when the food supplies will not be able to support the increased population and thus a disaster (Fernandez-Armesto 695). He has been all through arguing that a man was lazy and only procreated since his family was with enough food to sustain it.

According to him, man could not work to provide for his family but only deepened on the natural provision. He thus argued that the population had to be controlled either naturally or artificially. The natural control methods he proposed included death, food shortage and disease while the artificial methods, which could be employed, included celibacy, marriage delays, abortion and infanticide. Malthus has been in contrast with the argument of the optimists like The Marquis de Condorcet who argues that increase in population is beneficial in terms of economic growth. He argues that the increase in population will lead to struggle and fight over the available resources and hence poverty. However, he sees this struggle as beneficial since it will call for innovation.

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