Essay: Increase in Efficiency of Operations

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The formation of the team was meant to increase the efficiency of the operations through proper reconciliation of their financial records. The firm’s new shipping accounting team evidently fails to realize its goals partly due to the fact that the team members had failed to complement one another in their skills.

Rather than ensuring that the team members covering for one another’s weaknesses in delivering their duties, dislike and discord reined in the team (Scannell and Newstrom, 1998). Team members begin taking very bipartisan positions that later ruin the team. Whenever there is no agreement of the actual roles that individuals would undertake, the team, as is evident in this one, is likely to collapse or under-achieve its target goals.

The success of the team effectiveness model is also dependent on the level of motivation the ability to solve both major and minor conflicts before they hinder the delivery of services at the team level. Failure to put in place a proper conflict resolution mechanism is a problem that was undertaken by the new shipping accounting team. Poor coordination of the monthly team and usage of conflicting communication tool is a minor problem which could be resolved through proper communication. Brad, who was located in Los Angele, failed to know how best to communicate with the rest of the team is This problem could be resolved if all the team members would have motivated to freely communicated and such issues anticipated and resolved in advance. According to this team, effectiveness is undermined by the inability to coordinate the team members (Wright, 2005, pp. 123-328).

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