Essay: Home Bases Intervention Strategies

12 Nov

Essay: Home Bases Intervention Strategies

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These are potential strategies that can be adopted in a home environment by parents and other guardians/caregivers to help ameliorate the effects of ADHD in a child/ children.

  1. Making time schedules is likely to help the child not to act impulsively but to learn to adapt and using time schedules. Such may include for example time for bathing, eating, sleeping playing, and family assignments of free choice activity.
  2. There should be simple home/ house rules. These will enable the victim to understand why things are to be done the way they are expected, they will the ability to adhere to and internalize these rules without much coercion and frequent violations of the established home/house codes of doing things/ behavior.
  3. Give simple and clear instructions/directions. The young victim is likely to follow simple stated instructions as opposed to complicated ones.
  4. It is a notion that ADHD individuals always engage in undesirable activities and portray negative behavior. Like any other person and member of society, some of their characteristics could be positive and are worth rewarding. This will motivate them to repeat the rewarded behavior and minimize the undesirable traits and actions.
  5. Keep watch on the child during play activities with his/her peers, playmates, or classmates. The victim is less likely to display hyperactive characteristics while within the vicinity of a responsible adult. The adult will also be able to identify negative and impulsive behavior patterns and discourage them appropriately.
  6. Capitalize on and provide supervision to the child as much as possible. This will protect the child from over-indulging.
  7.  Pay more attention to child efforts put inactivity and/ or learning as opposed to efficiency in task accomplishments. The child will be encouraged in this manner for his/her abilities and to realize his worth even if the tasks are not perfectly done. This acts as a motivation and the victim is likely to keep on trying to become better at every attempt.
  8. The parents, guarding or any other responsible person can talk to the victim’s teacher in cases of a child so as to boost the understanding of the teacher of the child’s hyperactive condition.
  9. Privileges should be reviewed and adjusted where possible according to the maturity level of the child rather than the by age.
  10. Since ADD/ADHD children are prone to and vulnerable to drugs/substances, it is healthy to discuss this with them to minimize possible overindulging.
  11. If a child should be made aware of the aftermath of his/her actions. By this understanding, the child is likely to minimize such deviant undertakings.

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