Essay: History and trends-Structural Intervention

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British Columbia province is one of the outstanding provinces in relation to child welfare issues and policies that are aimed in meeting local needs and ethnicity represented in the province. This birth of child welfare ideology came with the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway in early 1880s, that madeBritish Columbiahost 49,459 people with a population mix of 52% aboriginal, 35% European, and 9% Asians.

When the railway was completed in late 1886, British Columbia experienced a population explosion for settlers from Great Britain, Maritime and Ontario that rapidly increased the population to 178,657 people constituting 72% European, 16% Aboriginal, and 11% Asians. The decline of aboriginal race that was maintained below 5% was as a result of the death due to social upheaval brought about by white settlers, diseases and the overall explosion of immigrants toBritish Columbia(Canadian Council on Social Development, 2006).

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