Essay: History Of Sweatshops

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From history, the word sweatshop was coined in the 19th century to describe a system of operation which overseers made profits by exploiting the workers and the sponsors of the contract. In so doing, the overseers ate both from the money put into the contract for its facilitation and the amount they paid the workers. By analogy, it is like that rich man who wins a government tender to supply computers in an institution. The government pays him an amount that caters for the workers labor, the transportation of the computers, and other relevant miscellaneous. This rich man decides to cut some percentage in the portion of the workers’ payroll schedule. If the overall salary as funded by the government is US Dollars 1,000,000, the rich man decides to take for himself US Dollars 600,000 and budgets US Dollars 400,000 to pay the workers. Here, he is bound to pay the workers unjustly. This is immoral! It is a violation of justice, period.

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