Essay: High Population Density in British Colombia

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The effect of high population density in British Columbia was evident as Vancouver become the center of economic life with high population than Victoria. Due to poor living conditions, congestion, diseases break out, poverty, and frequent deaths recorded; there emerged a range of charitable organizations, as a result of prodigious community organizing carried out by women.

The initial activities by women like Mrs. Foxley, Mrs. Haskett, and Mrs. J.J. Southcott to cater and provide a home for children they met and observed to be friendless and orphaned using their own money marked the road map to child welfare. On realizing that these trends are likely to reoccur again and again, these women donated the money and established a home around Homer and Dunsmuir Streets. This significantly led to the development of the Alexandra Orphanage in Vancouver funded by the drive of these women in 1892.

            However, the charity organization by these women experienced and realized inadequacy in the voluntary efforts to meet this societal contingency, they successfully petitioned the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia on 20th March 1901 to pass the child welfare act. Which was felt made a great impact on police agencies, charitable organizations, and Philanthropic societies. The following turn of events saw the government past and enacted the Children’s Protection Act, which provided for state guardianship of orphaned and/ or neglected children and involvement of the children’s aid societies in care for children. From this important turn of events, the paper shall navigate through the policies and practices changes within British Columbia province in order to show the outcomes for these structural interventions for the children.

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