Essay: General Theory Of Effect

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Over time, the objects relations theory has gained popularity because of the fact that its application plays a fundamental role in psychoanalysis. The theory explicitly explores the active course of mind development as an individual grows and the influence of the different ‘real others’ that are found in that particular environment (Masterson, 1998).

The term ‘object’ in this regard refers to the physical others as well as the others that are imagined. All these are found in a person’s holistic environment and influence growth in different ways.Ogden(1990) indicates that an individual’s rapports with the various objects are often initiated during the childhood interactions that an infant has with a care giver, the mother or any other individual that the infant shares a close relation with. Studies conducted in this regard show that these early interactions can be modified and improved through time due to the different experiences that an individual goes through (Grostein (1981). However, despite the modification, Klein (1962) affirms that the early interactions have a permanent effect on a person’s psychological wellbeing.

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