Essay: Gandhi’s Call For Peace

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    Within the Congress, the action by the peasants served to justify the great heights the struggle had reached and Gandhi’s calling for peace was seen as a national calamity derived from subjective remorse. Gandhi’s recoiling from the struggle that he had three years before been encouraging Indians to support was in itself shocking according to the congress.

The interpretation thereof was that Gandhi, following the events of Chauri-Chaura, had failed to honor the downtrodden, the poor and severely exploited Indians who had strived tirelessly against their oppressors. This amounted to tactical and ideological hypocrisy and unconsciousness on the side of Gandhi as felt by the congress.

 Some critics still saw Gandhi’s move as an indicator to his distrust and fear of the Indian masses, that he feared the strength of the peasantry more than he did to the British rule. In fact they saw him as entertaining some false hopes about the British .Gandhi’s actions were viewed as revealing a weakness in his character, a serious flaw in is leadership

    Those that supported Gandhi on his ideology thought it not wise to protest against such a strong colonial force because it would always lead to a defeat. These impossibility thinkers saw it a waste of human effort to topple the status quo, something which they saw it could never succeed. They argued that if Gandhi had not spoke against the killings of the police officers, the same could have happened intermittently thereafter.

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