Essay: Funding activities of NCI

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The funding activities of NCI are channeled through the Division of Extramural Activities (DEA). In this regard, the DEA is responsible for providing guidance to potential cancer research grant applicants, coordinating and assisting in the development of NCI’s extramural funding initiatives. Additionally, DEA is capacitated to provide scientific peer review and oversight of NCI’s extramural research and coordinating advisory committees such as the National Cancer Advisory Board and the Board of Scientific Advisors.

The better part of DEA is that DEA staff members usually serve as chief National Cancer Institution liaisons to the extramural cancer research community. Secondly, the staff members serve the function of processing approximately 12,000 grant applications for a referral. Through these functions of DEA serve as a channel of passing on the federal government’s funds to be utilized and to be fully directed towards the fight against cancer.

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