Essay: Foreign-owned hotels in England

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There is very minimal evidence of foreign owned hotels in England. Most of the hotels are owned by the English people. High standard and high quality management skills and criteria in the industry ensure that the industry performs well. Furthermore, the foreign hotel owners in the United Kingdome adhere to very strict operational regulations that fully regulate the manner in which hotels in the country are managed.

The amount of investment, tax rates and flow of tourism is also regulated in order to ensure that the no exploitation of customers and new entrants to the industry is done (Hersey & Blanchard 1977). To the contrary, though it is Africa’s most populated country, Nigeria do not have adequate regulations to ensure that consumers and new entrants are protected from the very unscrupulous investor that may not have the interest and common interest of the public at heart.

Partnership in the hotel industry is none the less not very common in Nigeria. Most investors in the hotel industry in Nigeria opt to take loan from banks and friendly in order to develop hotels (Holton 2008). Some prefer to purchase hotels that are already operational in order for them to better their operations under their presumed new management. Hotels along the coast line in Nigeria are mainly owned by the foreign investors. The foreign investors in the hotel industry build very costly first class hotels that ensure that they fully profit from the foreign tourist who visit the country during the holiday seasons when the tourism sector is booming. Partnership kind of ownership of hotels in England is not a common phenomenon in the United Kingdom country. 

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