Essay: From family-focused to child-focused welfare

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These comprehensive reforms become more child friendly and involving the children from an earlier focus that was on the family. The key indicator for this shift was the element of language simplification of the legislation that constituted the Act.

Additionally, the terms of the legal frame work changed to put the child at the center of success strategy of interventions. For instance, such terms like least restrictive or disruptive course of action should be followed” was placed strengths and might on the family unit, leaving the child with the family rather than getting to the alternative for protecting a child by placement with Child Aids Society. To substantiate that, Act provided for temporary care agreements and term limits for the length of time a child can be in care. The revolving door strategy was replaced by 24 or 12 months duration depending on the child’s age. In this way, the Act gave long term view on child protection and care (Blackstock, 2006, p. 271).

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