Essay: Evaluation of Determinants Reducing Alcohol Abuse

Sample Essay

Evaluation of these determinants is important because of the preventive opportunities that it presents. At this point in time, it is worth appreciating that the adverse effects associated with abuse of alcohol have various health implications.

This study therefore deems it important to address the root causes of the same and prevent the occurrence of these effects altogether. This goes along way in enhancing the wellbeing of the communities by improving their health and reducing the costs that accompany rehabilitation and treatment of extreme cases. Apparently, this will save Australia a great deal of resources that would be diverted to other activities of economic importance. In addition, it will help improve the productivity of the nation as a whole and enhance its overall economic output.

Exploring the social determinants is also an ideal strategy because of the fact that it unravels the challenges that the Australian government and faces in this regard and therefore provides a framework upon which informed decisions concerning the same can be made. To this end, strategic policies that address particularistic concerns of unemployment and alcohol abuse can play a leading role in curbing the negative effects of alcohol abuse that have far reaching implications.

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