Essay: Environmental View Points

Sample Essay

Looking at this different environmental view points and the ethical positions related to them there exists a challenging ecological dilemma. From an anthropocentric point of view, where the world exists for humanity’s sake, man has enjoys freedom to use what surrounds him as s/he wishes.

In this case, policy-makers who are advocates of anthropocentrism will have man’s interests as the top agenda. For example, in the case of Coal mining in Australia, the government will value those aspects that are beneficial to the Australians. If the coal mining has damages on the earth or causes pollution but it happens that the implications are not severe to the people then the government will not be hesitant to put in place measures that can stop the activity. On the other hand, if the government is guided by an ecocentric standpoint, it will be quick to pass policies that will ensure that the coal mining activity is stopped despite its significance to the people.

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