Essay: Embassy contact Information

Sample Essay

All those Americans who would wish to apply for the visa to work in the UK can obtain important information relating their application by contacting the nearest UK embassy. This office will also advise and guide you better on the intricacies of the whole process of visa application (Andrius 2006).

They may provide what information and documentation you may require to migrate to the UK and even work there legally. Other than the UK embassy, Agencies like The UK Agency and The British Foreign and Commonwealth offices will also be very handy in the entire application process. Similarly their websites contains needed information that is useful in this regard. They are and respectively (Paul, 2008). Consequently, according Dundas and Wilson of the immigration updates, certain changes have been made. These changes widely affect the entire logistics of immigration. They argue that the UK government has the initiative to overhaul Its immigration department basically to enhance the border security and put in place measures to prevent illegal working in the UK (Paul 2008).In addition, multinational companies planning to hire employees from outside UK will first have to register the employees with UK Border Agency with view to get a sponsor before applying for the work permits and visa.

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