Essay: Education system restructuring in New Mexico

6 May

Essay: Education system restructuring in New Mexico

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By the year 2009, New Mexico’s dropout rate in the state was at 46 per cent (New Mexico Public Education Department, 2009, as cited in KFoxTV, 2009). During the 2008-2009 school years, 5,845 out of a total enrolment of 152,087 dropped out of grades 7-12. This poses a problem in New Mexico school districts and communities. As presented by this dropout rate, the situation in New Mexico and particularly Las Cruces warrants immediate attention. Thus, as “moulders” of the society; we, as educators, have the responsibility to reach out to those students who are vulnerable and motivate them to remain in school.

New Mexico has undertaken high school education system restructuring over the past three years; a process that has already begun to show immediate effects. Earning a diploma has become a state-wide focus. To make students become re-engaged, New Mexico invests resources in several intervention programs. Some of these programs include Governor’s Truancy/Dropout Prevention; the Family and Youth Resource Program; and school-based health care programs (including School-Based Health Centers), which provide mental and physical health education to students. New Mexico students continue to lag behind in reading and mathematics performance.

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