Essay: Current Distribution of Rihanna

5 Jul

Essay: Current Distribution of Rihanna

As a product, Rihanna is one in the music industry has signed a record deal. The signing of a record deal is important to any musician as this will assist them to market themselves and their music. Rihanna has a deal with Def Jam records, a record deal is a package that comes with, a Record label, Public Relation firm, music manager, music publishing company, entertainment agency, music distribution firm, entertainment lawyer, music magazine, whose purpose is the generation of airplay, publicity, gigs and record CDs.

                Since she has a record deal, her record company Def Jam Records will help manage the distribution aspect. The contract entails her record company highering a retail promoter. A retail promoter is important in the music distribution since no matter how much radio coverage one has it is the retail promoter who does the actual sales. Their sole importance is the distribution from the record company to the music retail stores.

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