Essay: Confidentiality as an Ethical Consideration in Individual Counseling

20 Feb

Essay: Confidentiality as an Ethical Consideration in Individual Counseling

Second, confidentiality is an ethical consideration that has been primary in individual counseling. In consideration of the fact that the client only shares information with the counselor in a dyad, the risk of disclosure of confidential information is diminished. As such, a rapist may choose individual therapy over group therapy where counselor encourages the group members to share information freely with the rest of the group members.

Kottler (2004) explains that keeping information shared by members of a group is one of the biggest challenges during group counseling. In fact, information that the clients within a group provide is privileged.  As a concept of law, privileged communication only applies to a client in individual counseling. In case of group counseling however, any information revealed by a member of the group would entail a third party making it difficult for the counselors to ensure maximum confidentiality. The counselor contends with creating confidentiality limits amongst group members, which may not be effective and may scare some clients who value personal information (.

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