Essay: Coca Cola company Latest News

Sample Essay The available company news is that the Coca Cola company has recently undergone acquisitions of partners in Latin America which has significantly increased the revenue as well as the portfolio performance of the company in the region. The key strategic acquisitions by the company have been Glaceau and Fuze in North America and Jugos del Valle and Leao Junior in Latin America. Aside from this the company is also focusing on targeting emerging markets with its product portfolio to increase to further increase its market share as well as profit margins. “In its emerging markets, operating profit was up by 31 per cent in comparable terms to €131.7m over the same period last year.  The rise was driven in part by improved sales volumes, in the markets of Russia, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine.  Russia alone posted lower double-digit volume growth, resulting from growing consumption of the group’s ready-to-drink tea and juice brands, the company said.” (Merret, 2007) The company is also focusing on sustainable growth in the future though launch of non carbonated products like Simple orange Juice to diversify its portfolio.
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