Essay: Five Boys Attacked By British Soldiers

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The article is from Boston Gazette and Country Journal on Monday, March 12, 1770, which gives the account of five boys who were attacked by the British soldiers who had occupied Boston. The boys were known as Edward Archbald, William Merchant, Francis Archbald, and John Leech, Jun. The article was published after British soldiers killed five men in Boston, the US in March 5, 1770, which came after there were tensions building on between civilians and the royal troops who had arrived in Massachusetts in October 1768. It is important to acknowledge that the soldiers had come to Boston to keep law and order but the people thought that they were oppressors. Tensions had been growing for some time and there were cases people viewing these soldiers as competitors for jobs and other amenities. When soldiers met around four hundred men who were pelting them with chunks of ice as well as snowballs the soldiers opened fire to the crowd killing three men at the spot and fatally injuring two others. Of great importance is to note that the rioters were not armed and thus they did not deserve the kind of treatment they got from the British soldiers. After the shooting, all troops were withdrawn immediately from the town. John Adams acted as their lawyer during the soldiers trials. One of the soldiers by the name of Preston and four men were acquitted. Two more soldiers were found to be guilty but were released after they got branding on their hands.  Because the soldiers were acquitted even after being evident that they were guilty for murder shows how much society has undergone a transformation over the times. In the current world, we are living in these soldiers would have faced the full force of the law.

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